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Izakaya Goma - where passion for traditional Japanese cuisine and healthy-eating collide!

"Izakaya" (pronounced "ee-ZA-KA-ya") refers to casual Japanese eatery, where all facets of Japanese culinary creations are available; ranging from the humble noodles to the more intricately presented sashimi and sushi rolls, typically served with alcoholic beverages such as beer and or sake.


"Goma" is the Japanese word for sesame, one of the most quintessentially Japanese ingredients.  Dating back to Egyptian times some 3,600 years ago, sesame has always been prized for its medicinal benefits.


Izakaya Goma is a labour of love by a veteran Japanese chef, who always holds the belief that healthy food does not necessarily mean boring or bland-tasting.  Here at Izakaya Goma we serve traditional Japanese fares with a hefty dose of healthy-eating in mind.  We pride ourselves in sourcing fresh locally produced ingredients whenever possible, and none of our dishes have added MSG. 

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